About Animation

The literal meaning of ‘to animate’ is to give life to. When an image on screen of a computer is displayed to move in tune with the imagination of animating professional, the effect is called animation. By applying ‘photoshop’ any image can be enliven to give rise to animation by making some changes in many images and making adjustment in timing between their displays. All you should do is to convert an image to HTML and get it flashed on web page. In an HTML table slices become cells. Thus animation becomes files in object folders.


One good thing about 2D animation is that it can be produced with lot of efficiency. Animated Video i.e. to animate a still object into moving one and that is too as per requirement of the situation, is naturally not a simple but a complex way of doing a thing. Actually animation is an artistic creation. Improvised skill and creativity is required in portraying human and animal faces as moving objects displaying correct emotions in sync with body language in dialogue deliveries and concerned motions as per demand of the story. In short, the animator must have command on and be equipped with various styles and technologies developed over the years to generate true to life animated story using, apart from human faces, wild animals, Cartoons speaking and emoting as humans.

3D Animation Websites requires almost the same level of skill as 2D one. Creation of 2D animation is speedier as it does not require third dimension. 2D animation enterprises are not supposed to create lifelike images. It is a positive factor that 2D Animated Video project can be completed in a stipulated time frame.


The next positive point about 2D animation is that designs are not as complex and puzzling as those in 3D animation. Action films are 3D projects as action scenes and emotionally active images are to be produced as lively as the real ones. This generates huge Box-Office revenues. If it is on to propagating messages of public interest displaying government policies pertaining to its various departments, 2D animation is the most suitable in terms of effective mass communication and cost-effectiveness. Not only in educational application or in explaining and messaging any matter of social concern, 2D Animated Video is equally or more successful in gaming and in running full-fledged television shows; to exemplify Candy Crush and South Park as such.


The vital reason behind opting for 2D Animated Video is its affordability in terms of savings on money and time and in communicating with almost same effectiveness as in 3D animation. Excessive costing and very much extended time taking in 3D animation have made people of the low budget and short term projects to opt for 2D animation.

To conclude

Animation, in short, has emerged as an effective tool and media of communication. Its potential in effective and affordable portraying of lives of great personalities and propagating their inspirational messages to youths of current and future generations has to be identified and applied. Many-many doors of possibilities are still to be opened. Upcoming technologies being developed and delivered will sharpen ANIMATION as impressive tool of communication. Danin Infotech is very much in your service!